ATU Agriculture

Website: www.facebook.com/ArkansasTechAgriPlantSale/

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

We are students from the Horticulture/Plant Science emphasis within Arkansas Tech University’s Agriculture Business Program in the Department of Agriculture. Our plants are grown by students as performed during laboratories pertinent to the course material in class (e.g., starting plants via seed or cuttings during Plant Propagation lab). The labs and greenhouses allow us to gain real-world experience through the propagation and production of plants within a “commercial” enterprise. Proceeds from our non-profit plant sales cover costs of materials, supplies, equipment, maintenance of the greenhouse structures, and support department organizations that work outside of labs to earn funds to support leadership development and industry networking at tradeshows, conferences, and competitions/national meetings. We are selling through the Russellville Community Market for the continued support of the program and to ensure safety to the community through social distancing measures provided by the protocol of the marketplace. Thank you for your continued support of the program, we hope you enjoy this extra time to enjoy the great outdoors in your garden! We LOVE Russellville! Thanks!

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