Sheepy Hollow Farm


We are a small family farm located just outside of Clarksville in the Arkansas River Valley. Our philosophy is to operate as sustainably and naturally as possible. We raise limited quantities of lambs, pigs, Dexter cattle, poultry and fowl. We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables seasonally, aimed both for personal self sufficiency and Farmers Market sale.

In our vegetable garden and orchard we follow organic practices. We use farm produced compost and animal manure as our source of nutrients. Insect pests are hand-picked, sprayed with a biodegradable soap mixture, treated with organically approved methods or simply tolerated. We make use of mulch and manual methods to combat weeds, with use of beneficial ground cover. We grow predominantly heirloom and open pollinated fruit and vegetable varieties, saving our own seeds when practical.

Our cows and sheep are mostly grass fed, but eat a small amount of commercial grain mix when they are nursing or when we move them from field to field. In the winter they also get locally grown chemical-free hay. Our hogs are fed mostly fresh food scraps, picked up daily from a local source, supplemented with fermented corn and garden scraps. None of our animals are fed medicated feed or concentrates. We sell both live animals at butcher weight (delivered to butcher) and selected USDA processed meat cuts.

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