Michael's Garden

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We’re back! It was an eventful trip but Michael is safely situated in his dorm at Harvard. We are still considering a name change now that he is no longer the driving force behind the garden – and we are adding homegrown beef products to what we offer on the market. Suggestions are welcome! (We will not remove the pictures of Michael’s work but will try to add some new ones.)

Hello, everyone. We’ll be on vacation for the next two weeks to give us time to move Michael to Harvard. We plan to continue our association with the market but it may be slightly diminished withour Michael’s help. We are also contemplating a possible name change since this will no longer be Michael’s garden. Know that your purchases over the past years have gone into his college savings fund so you have had a part in making this trip possible! Thanks to all of you from Michael and the rest of us.

See you in three weeks,

Pat and Ariel

Welcome to my garden! I am a third-generation, ninth-year 4-H member and am offering the fruits of my gardening project for your enjoyment! (Quantities will be limited since this is a family garden.) Summer vegetables are here! We have multiple varieties of peppers, cucumbers and squash and some spinach and herbs. Unfortunately, tomatoes are a different story. We are at war with the squirrel population and, at this point, they’re winning!
If we can find an effective deterrent, we might still have some interesting late tomatoes available. Homemade jams, jellies, fruit butters and conserves in unique flavors are offered year round. (Have you ever tried beautyberry or prickly pear cactus jelly? How about honeysuckle jelly, strawberry-rose petal jam or raspberry lemonade marmalade?) And there will be weekly offerings of baked goods from the farm’s kitchen and occasional fresh flower bouquets from the yard and garden! Enjoy!

(Note: If you order multiple jars of jam or jelly and would like a particular theme or color for the decorative bonnets, we will gladly do that if you will notify us via email at the address given below. There is no extra charge!)



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