B & B Legacy Farms

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B & B Legacy, Farms LLC is one generation’s contribution to a 94-year old family farm.
B & B Legacy Farms is providing regional access to locally grown, food-grade, dry, whole soy food products and seeds. A non-GMO, Arkansas-grown edamame seed variety has been hand selected and grown for 2021 sale. Following the spring seed season, high-protein, dry food-grade soybeans will also be available for sale.

The Ballard family has worked on food-grade, soya variety selection for the past 2 1/2 years.

The Escomame edamame seed is 36.74% protein, easy to grow, and has never been available for commercial sale until now. This Non-GMO variety was developed using traditional crossing practices. It was grown, harvested, cleaned, and packed on the same farm.

B & B Legacy Farms is committed to expanding education and support of families seeking to incorporate and increase plant-based protein into their diets and to support local farmers.

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