Smithson Family Farms

We raise the oldest and rarest American heritage breed of hogs, The American Mulefoot Hog. We raise our animals as naturally as Mother Nature will allow. All of our animals are pasture raised with ZERO antibiotics or added growth hormones. We take pride in supplying an all natural, pasture raised hog. We do supplement with our own blend of grain when grass runs low during the winter. Our pigs get little to no feed at all during spring summer and fall. We try to only use natural deworming procedures as well, using pumpkins and black walnuts when available. The meat from a Mulefoot Hog is unlike any other pork on the market. It is a red meat that is more comparable to beef than anything. The American Mulefoot Hog is listed on the national conservancy list of critically endangered species. Without a market for these animals they WILL become extinct. In 2006 there were less than 200 animals left in the entire country. All of our products are USDA inspected, vacuum sealed and frozen.

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