Ol' Shalom Ranch

Website: www.olshalom.org

Ol’ Shalom Ranch is a 52-acre plot of land located 14 miles south and west of Dardanelle in the Harkey Valley area. Originally an old family homestead, the site is now owned by a not-for-profit organization (Ol’ Shalom Ranch, Inc.), and it is being developed into a small farm and a retreat center, both of which are still in the developmental stage. When complete, both the farm and the retreat center will be operated by an intentional small community of like-minded Christians, living on or near the ranch.

At the present time, the farming operation includes a herd of Katahdin sheep, a few Berkshire hogs, and roughly 35 layer hens. We have roughly 3-acres of land that is being prepared for planting, and expect to begin bringing several different types of chemical-free produce products to the market in the Fall of 2017.

Currently our market offering is limited to brown eggs provided by our free-ranging non-GMO grain fed happy hens.

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