Orion's Roost Farm

Our farming adventure started three years when we moved back to Gordon’s family home in Arkansas and bought our first dozen guinea hens. We were instantly hooked on birds. We now have about thirty chickens (ranging in age from chicks to mature layers), twenty guineas, six ducks, and one goose. All are free range and wander our yard and pasture during the day munching bugs and greens. We see our relationship with them as a symbiotic partnership: we provide them with safety, food, and housing, and they provide us with tick control, wonderful fresh eggs, and a fair amount of laughter.

We did have a garden last year where we successfully grew lettuce, marigolds, a huge number of goose neck squash, and two tomatoes. We’re hoping for better luck this year in the produce department, but right now we are awash with eggs. There’s no more room in our refrigerator or our family’s. We would so love to share them with the community.

We don’t use pesticides, but we do supplement the chickens’ foraging with commercial feed and scratch.

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