Four Dogs Bakery

I make handmade dog treats with wholesome ingredients that I cook in my own kitchen. I do not use any preservatives so my product does have an expiration date unlike commerically produced dog treats. All the treats are handmade by myself. I use organic all puropse and whole wheat flour, farm fresh eggs, brewers yeast, oats, ground cornmeal and chicken stock. The different flavors I offer are Doodle BItes, Peanut Butter, Carob and Parsley. I also can make rice flour and oat bran treats for dogs who have allergies. I decided to make treats for my four dogs so I knew exactly what was in their treats. I support locally owned businesses myself and would like to see local farms and growers succeed. I currently sell these treats at the Pope County Farmer’s Market and Poppa Wheelies Bicycle Shop in Russellville AR. I would like my treats to be available to people all year round so that is my interest in being represented on locallygrown.

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